Pahari Roots | Black Sticky Rice

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Pahari Roots Whole Grain Heirloom Black Rice is the original Manipur black rice locally known as Chakhao Ambuli. It is naturally grown using traditional farming methods and is directly sourced from our farmer partners in Manipur

Manipuri Black Rice is a medium-grain, non-glutinous heirloom rice and it turns deep purple when cooked or soaked in water. It has a pleasant, bread-like aroma, nutty flavour, and fluffy texture.

Use to make: You will fall in love with this indigenous, healthy whole grain which complements wonderfully both savoury and sweet dishes. Use it with stir-fry veggies, salad side dishes, Mediterranean recipes, Black rice dosa, idli, sweet kheer or a pudding

The texture of black rice is a bit heavier as compared to other varieties and so soak it for 6 hours before cooking.

Heads-up: On soaking the rice in water, it is natural for the water to turns purple/ blackish in shade. Don’t worry it does not have any added colour. You can even use this water for your hair masks and also blends perfectly with oils and other conditioners

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