Pahari Roots | Stone Flower (Patthar Phool)

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Pahari Roots brings to you Exotic Wild Spices from Meghalaya – Stone Flower (Patthar Phool)

Stone Flower is highly recognized in Traditional and Ayurvedic Medicine for its special medicinal properties. To release the best flavour and aroma of Stone flower (Kalpasi) you can Roast it, Bloom it in Hot Oil, or Roast & Grind it into Powder.

Our Pahari Roots’ Stone flower (Patthar Phool) commonly known as a Black stone flower, is a species of lichen used as a spice in India, that grows wildly in the lush and healthy environment of Meghalaya. Carefully plucked from the barks of trees or rocks this spice has a uniquely dry, light fluffy texture to it. However, when put in contact with heat, especially cooking oil and ghee, this spice blooms and releases a distinctive earthy, smoky flavour and lovely aroma! Widely used in Chettinad and Maharashtrian cuisine and a key ingredient in store-bought Garam Masala, this ingredient adds a great touch to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

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