Pahari Roots | White Sticky Rice

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Note: 1 kg – Rs. 535 (includes Rs. 110 in shipping)
5kg – Rs. 1700 (includes Rs 300 in shipping)

Pahari Roots White Sticky Rice comes from the beautiful Hills of Meghalaya. It is an aromatic sticky rice with a rich nutty flavour and delicate texture. It is short-grain rice also known as glutinous rice due to the presence of a starch compound called amylopectin which makes it sticky. Remember, it is gluten-free!

The farmers growing white sticky rice have been practising traditional farming methods which have been passed down for generations and is free from the usage of any chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides

It is known for its several health benefits as it is high in minerals, vitamins & fibre content. One can use this rice to make Rice Pudding, Risotto, Donburi Rice bowls, Japanese Fried Rice, Thai Sticky Rice

fresh local produce pahari roots
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