Pour Naturalé | Forest 500g + Cinnamon 250g Honey


Pour Naturalé Forest Honey is sourced directly from Indian forests, where it is ethically collected by the locals. By doing so, we follow fair and sustainable trade practices while supporting local communities. What makes our honey special is that we use minimal processing to retain most of its health benefits. Pour Naturalé Forest Honey is free of additives, preservatives and artificial flavours.

Pour Naturalé Cinnamon Honey is pure and 100% natural honey with a mild flavour of Cinnamon. No artificial additives or preservatives are added to our honey. Our honey is sourced entirely from bee-keepers of Uttarakhand who practice traditional methods. This mildly flavoured honey undergoes minimal processing and you will find that it retains almost all of its health benefits and natural goodness and will provide you and your family with the perfect healthy treat every time!

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Pour Nautrale honey infused
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