Pour Naturalé | Lemon 500g + Forest 250g Honey


100% Natural Lemon Honey is among the most refreshing flavours by far! The unique taste of lemon together with a hint of honey makes this delightful honey one to definitely add to your list of favourites. A dash of this aromatic honey in lukewarm water every morning, will give your body the much-needed vitamins and a quick boost of energy as well as helps soothe a sore throat.

Pour Naturalé Forest Honey is sourced directly from Indian forests, where it is ethically collected by the locals. By doing so, we follow fair and sustainable trade practices while supporting local communities. What makes our honey special is that we use minimal processing to retain most of its health benefits. Pour Naturalé Forest Honey is free of additives, preservatives and artificial flavours.

Is my Honey pure?

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Pour Nautrale honey infused
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