Roots Agro | Kaboom Axone Chutney 165gms


    Note – The price of this product includes shipping charges of Rs. 60.

    Axone, Tungrymbai, Bekang, Hawaijar, kinema, natto – all names of the most beloved fermented soyabean. They all vary in pungency and aroma and different people cook them in ways that bring out the best of that particular variant, all very very delicious versions.

    Research says that Axone is a good pro-biotic and is good for your gut. We say it’s also great for lifting spirits! Experience the Axone umami hit and you’ll come back for more.

    Heat meter: 5 flames. Please be cautious while having this chutney as it is very hot.
    How to use: Goes well with hot steaming rice, rotis, noodles, lentils, soups, and vegetables.

    *vegetarian product
    * This product is made in a facility that handles shrimp and nuts

    roots agro chuntey and sauces
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