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100% Natural Royal Delicious Apples 5kg (Grown at 9500 feet) in Kinnaur.

My Pahadi Dukan is super thrilled to bring you fresh fruits, Royal Delicious apples by She Earth, Himachal Pradesh.

These apples are grown and harvested in the pristine environment of Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of around 9500 feet and are 100% natural.

These freshly handpicked fruits are sweet, juicy, crunchy and, as the name suggests, simply delicious.

Royal Delicious apples are one of the most well-known varieties of Apples available in the country. They are very popular for being so much more flavorful than other Apples you might have tried before.

Plus, they have an extra crunchy bite that makes eating them a joy! These apples are grown with the utmost care by the farmer to ensure that they are protected from contamination even after growing. This helps them last for a long time without spoiling beyond their prime!

Non-GMO | Chemical-free | 100% Natural | Farm-to-table

Timeline – 

Pre-orders – September 9th – September 27th

Expected Harvest And Packaging dates – September 27th – September 29th (Subject to weather conditions)

Expected Dispatch Dates – September 29th – September 30th (Subject to weather conditions)


Our Impact

Kinnauri Golden Apples

Over 700+ kgs Sold!

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