Royal Kinnaur Supreme Apples 5kgs


My Pahadi Dukan is super thrilled to bring you fresh Royal Kinnaur Supreme apples by Kayang.

These apples are grown and harvested in the pristine environment of Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of around 10,000 feet and are 100% natural.

Locally known as Black Gold our Royal Kinnaur Supremes are dark red, thick-skinned, juiciest, and the crunchiest apples with longer shelf life, meaning they remain juicy and crunchy for weeks even after the harvest.

Chosen carefully with utmost attention to the size, colour, and the quality, we bring you the best of the Indian apples from the most fertile lands grown with utmost care with no chemical treatment.

Sweet enough to cater to your preferred mild palette without an overpowering sweetness. The longer shelf life allows you to store them for over weeks letting you enjoy your box of tasty produce.

Grown for over decades in the high altitudes of the Himalayas, these traditional apples have been the face of “Himalayan apples” known for their highly nutritious value.

Perfect to be used for cooking & baking due to necessary acidic content and stability for baking, they can be cooked down into preserves, or pureed into soups and sauces. Also can be dried and juiced as preferred.

Number of apples per box – 25-30 approx.

Timeline –

Pre – orders – September 22 – September 26

Harvest – September 26 – September 27

Dispatch – September 28 – September 29

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