Mana Shawls – Brown with Small Checks | Sharlho Studio


This collection is made from natural woollen material woven by hand from Himachali sheep. Used by local Gaddhi mountain people to make their traditional coats and blankets, it endures everyday wear while retaining its form. We use “Pattu”, a traditional cloth, to enhance the luxurious feel of this timeless collection.
Pattu is a traditional woven fabric made by Gaddhi tribespeople who graze livestock in the states of Punjab to Himachal Pradesh. Originally made up of sheep wool, Pattu comes in different variations and colours. Over time, Pattu has become popular all over India because of its high durability and makes the perfect winter accessory that will keep you warm while also giving your look an aesthetic appeal!
Draped around and over the shoulders and chest, Mana shawls are very warm and diverse in their versatility. The fibre from which they are made is a combination of merino wool from local sheep, Pashmina, Angora and Yak hairs. They come in a variety of colours and patterns making them a staple item in your wardrobes for they provide warmth during the frigid winter times.

Dimension: 228 X 82 cm

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