Conditioner Bar (Healthy Hair) 110gms | Skin Tunes


Our Conditioner Bars are effective elixirs for the hair. Their solid form often lasts longer than a typical conditioner would and they’re much more cost-effective too! Power-packed with natural kinds of butter, oils and proteins, our Conditioner Bars have been proven to penetrate the cuticle of each strand of hair from root to tip which means you can expect healthy, strong growth as a result – leaving you with better-looking hair.

How to Use – To get the most out of this product add it to your hair after oiling and shampooing. Get the bar wet and massage it with your hands to a creamy consistency then rub into the lengths of the hair covering your head with the conditioner. Wash out with warm water.

Packaging. Available in easy—to—carry airtight and sealed aluminium tin.

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