Skin Tunes | Rose Clay Soap (Avacado Base) 110gms


Roses are an iconic symbol of beauty and love. They are stunning to look at and their aroma is absolutely intoxicating. Rose have a long history of therapeutic benefits.
Rose extract is a natural remedy for calming finicky nerves, soothes the skin and even helps reduce inflammation. Vitamin A, C and D-rich rose extracts boast anti-aging properties, such as reducing fine lines, plumping of skin, and stimulating collagen production. For dry mature and sensitive skin, rose extract and rose essential oil are ideal as they impart intense hydrating properties. Like a snug little skin vacuum, rose clay absorbs excess dirt, oil, and sebum that may not otherwise get extracted through regular cleansing. As it dries, the clay pulls impurities that get lodged deep within pores. For the skin, this is like pressing the reset button helping restore a balance in oil production.

Our Rose Clay soaps rejuvenates and recreates healthy skin.

SLS and paraben free Soap

100 % Handmade

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