Tenacious Bee | Kangra Forest Honey 275gms


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The Himalayas are known for their beauty and serenity. Once you have visited, it’s hard to get the images out of your mind – the vast mountain ranges, epic architecture formed by nature over millions of years, etc. We all know that once you visit these majestic mountains there is no going back! Take our Kangra Valley Wildflower Honey with its floral taste to help you remember your trip forever!

Harvested in the month of March-April, at an altitude of around 2,400 feet somewhere in the Kangra Valley, this honey has a floral taste, mellow yet invigorating, contributing to several flowering and fruit trees, shrubs, herbs and berries that dominate the Kangra Forest.

Kangra Forest is all about the experience.

Packaging – 275 gm glass jar with a beeswax coated fabric coaster

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