Tibet Foods | Tibetan Roasted Blue Barley Sattu – Tsampa

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Tsampa is a staple food that has been enjoyed in Tibetan and Himalayan regions for several thousand years. It is made from roasted barley flour – a staple ingredient that is also healthy and easy-to-use. Not only is it a sacred food in Tibetan culture, but this ancient grain has kept many people fed with its highly nutritious properties over time.
This simple meal of whole-grain barley is a great way for cyclists, backpackers, trekkers and mountaineers to get the nutrition they need in order to stay fuelled throughout their adventures day after day. All one has to do is add water or milk and it’s ready to eat – hot or cold!
Our barley, which is also known as Highland barley, emerges from beautiful highlands of Spiti, Zanskar, Ladakh and Bir.
We, at Tibet Foods are very proud to offer you our own high-quality brand of this traditional dish by adding highly nutrient energy ingredients while keeping its original taste intact.

100% Authentic Tibetan food | Himalayan Superfood | Rich in Fiber and protein | Ready-to-eat | Himalayan Blue Barley

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