Tribo Organic | Kinnauri Buckwheat Flour (Kuttu Atta) – 500gms

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Buckwheat is organically harvested in the valleys of the Himalayas. Buckwheat contains no gluten and therefore can be consumed by people with gluten-related disorders.

Buckwheat has a plethora of health benefits – it improves the health of your heart, helps with indigestion, manages blood sugar, contributes to weight management, provides energy, and is rich in minerals!

Fafra is bitter in taste than Ogla and more nutritious.

Fafra is preferred by locals of Kinnaur.

100% Natural


No preservatives

Benefits – 

  • Improves heart health
  • Improves digestion
  • Manages Blood sugar
  • Best for weight management
  • Good for bones and teeth
  • Powerful Antioxidant
  • Gluten-free
  • Rich in minerals
tribo organic buckwheat flour
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