Tribo Organic | Organic Kinnauri Thin Shell Almonds (Kagzi Badaam)

649.00 1,200.00 

250gms – Rs. 649/- (Includes shipping charges of Rs. 50/-)

500gms – Rs. 1200/ – (Includes shipping charges of Rs. 100/-)

Almond cultivation is mainly done in the hilly regions with cold climates. Kinnaur is one such place in the Himalayas where the farming of almonds happens organically – without any synthetic chemicals or artificial fertilizers. Almonds are among the world’s most popular tree nuts and are highly nutritious and rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and protein.

100% Organic

No artificial chemicals

No artificial fertilisers

Benefits – 

  • Rich source of Healthy Fats 
  • Almonds Deliver a Massive Amount of Nutrients
  • Loaded With Antioxidants
  • Rich in Vitamin E
  • Can Assist With Blood Sugar Control
  • Contains Magnesium that reduces Blood Pressure Levels
  • Can Lower Cholesterol Levels
  • Prevent Harmful Oxidation of LDL Cholesterol
  • Reduces Hunger and thus Lowers your Overall Calorie Intake
  • Effective For Weight Loss
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