Himalayan Culture A2 ‘Bilona’ Cow Ghee 400ml | Valley Culture


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Infuse aroma and a delicious buttery taste in every dish you make with Valley Culture’s Traditionally made Cultured Ghee. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and butyric acid, this superfood helps you keep your body fit, fight diseases and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Valley Culture’s Himalayan Cultured Ghee is made with the milk of indigenous cows, free grazed on the mineral rich soil of Himalayan Valley. The cows intake a high quantity of naturally growing medicinal plants while grazing, which enhances the quality of milk. We support the local farmers who collect this nutrition rich milk.

Our cultured ghee is made using the traditional “Bilona Method” and is prepared in small batches to maintain its quality. Our Cultured ghee is different from a regular Desi Ghee as it is made with dahi instead of milk. It has zero lactose products, making it suitable for people who are lactose intolerant. The fermentation of cream also adds a rich buttery taste to our Cultured Ghee.

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