White Mountain Collectives | Dark Hot Chocolate with Kashmir Chilli 100gms


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It is said that chocolate was discovered in the Americas, and this love for cacao spread across the Spanish colonies of Mexico and South America. The Mayans and the Aztecs both enjoyed using cacao. The Spanish found out that they make a drink with cacao and spices. The Spanish called it xocōlātl. This drink was made with Cacao and Chilli.
At White Mountain Collectives, we wanted to make an authentic re-creation with our Single Origin Chillies from our Kashmiri farmers.
Many months were spent perfecting this drink until we were satisfied with the result; one we felt would be a fine addition to your homes. Rich in antioxidants dairy-free preservative-free and additive-free, this is the ultimate detox drink.
Packaged by the women of Kumaon in small artisanal batches!

How To Use –
Warm 1 cup (200ml) of Milk. Add 1 Spoon of Hot Chocolate to Warm Milk. Can also be used in Cold Milk for a Cold Chocolate refreshing drink.

Ingredients –

  • Cocoa Solids (99%)
  • Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder (1%)


No preservatives

No additives


No Sugar

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