Wild Valley Foods | Kashmiri Masala Tikki ‘Waer’ 200gms


Local Kashmiri spices are sun – dried and ground separately to put together his traditional and delicious spice cake called ‘Waer’. Add a spoonful to your cooking or a mouth- watering hot flavour. Can be used in vegetarian and non – vegetarian dishes. 

Ingredients –

  • Marzcewaangan Phyekh (Red Chilli Powder)
  • Ruhun (Garlic)
  • Praan (Shallot)
  • Daniwal Byol (Coriander Seeds)
  • Teel (Oil), Noon (Salt)
  • Moval (Cockscomb)
  • Baede Auel (Black Cardamom)
  • Zyur (Cumin Seeds)
  • Baedyaan (Fennel Seeds)
  • Shuonth (Ginger Powder)
  • Auel (Green Cardamom)
  • Ruang (Cloves)
  • Dalcheen (Cinnamon)
  • Marezc (Black Pepper)
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