Pure Ladakhi Shilajit: Men's Ideal Stamina Booster in Need, Indeed


A sound understanding of what Shilajit is necessary before reading this article. Since the word 'natural product' is used with Shilajit, it is very often mistaken to be a tree product, which it is absolutely not. Shilajit is a semi-solid, jelly-like substance that is found in trace amounts only in certain places in the mountainous terrains of India and Central Asia. It is as black as tar and very similar to tar in appearance, and its consistency is exactly as resin. It is a complex compound comprising 60-80% of humic and fulvic substances; the rest, 15% -20 %, is composed of essential minerals and trace elements. Shilajit has been widely used as a medicine and as a booster in parts of Asia, the Extreme East, and the Middle East. Shilajit's fame as a vitality booster has been known since ancient times when it was considered to be something derived from living organisms.

The Ayurvedic Connection:- According to Ayurveda, any ailment or disease is considered to be an imbalance of any one of the three main aspects that control all our physical and mental activities. These three things are Vata or Vayu (Air), Pitta (Gall), and Kafa or Kaf (Mucus). Ayurveda states that there are certain substances that can control all three of these at the same time, and Shilajit is one of the foremost among them. As per Ayurveda, there are a number of Srotas (flow systems) inside our body. These srotas measure the efficacy of air, water, and blood circulation throughout the body. It is also concerned with the withdrawal of waste matter from all the nooks and corners of the body. 

Shilajit, an Ideal Energizer:- The proper functioning of the circulatory system is very important for men to retain energy and stamina in all sorts of work, from day to night. Our circulatory system is one of the foremost mechanisms in our body that helps circulate the most essential substances. Blood, which is carried through the veins and arteries, carries oxygen and nutrients to every part of our body. The oxygen and nutrients are converted into a chemical compound called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which acts as the main energy currency in our body. This transformation takes place inside mitochondria, a cell organelle, which is called the powerhouse of a cell. Pure ladakhi Shilajit is abundant in energized ions of the metal which constitute the substance. These ions directly affect the activity of mitochondria, which is called the powerhouse of a cell. Due to enhanced mitochondrial activity, the overall cellular activity gets better. A better cellular activity prevents the loss of energy and fatigue, in turn.

Shilajit, an Ideal Oxy-recharger:- Consumption of Shilajit with milk eliminates all kinds of weakness inside our body. The Fulvic acid helps in the absorption of iron in the body. This oxygen is utilized by the bone marrow stem cells in the formation of blood. Shilajit not only helps in the formation of blood but is equally important as a purifier of blood. It enhances the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood. One of the important reasons for frequent tiredness or loss of stamina is the decrease or imbalance of oxygen levels in the blood. The decrease in oxygen level is certainly related to an overstressed lifestyle, improper dietary habits, exertion rather than exercise, and a lot more factors. It is undoubtedly true that to curb such problems; there is a need for an ideal substance that can enhance the oxygen level in blood.


Shilajit to Curb Lethargy:- The lethargy that originates in men after sessions of heavy workouts or physical exercise is primarily due to the accumulation of carbon dioxide and lactic acid. These two are the principal reasons why most athletes lose their confidence. Shilajit can curb this problem very aptly with its high molecular oxygen content, which acts as an oxy-recharge in such stressful conditions. Pure Himalayan Shilajit contains Fulvic acid, which is one of its main components. Fulvic acid is a naturally occurring compound found in decomposed sand, rock, or soil. It has 45% oxygen and has long been in use as a medicinal compound.

Shilajit and the Regulation of Hormones:- The adequacy of minerals in Shilajit enhances the Shukra Dhatu (the reproductive mechanism) in males. Trace amounts of Shilajit consumed in a particular way can cure distress related to suppressed sexual activity in men. Shilajit induces direct effects on the production and secretion of the Testosterone hormone, which has the nickname male hormone as it governs the sexual behavior in men. Shilajit consumption also regulates the secretion of adrenaline and, therefore, produces a soothing effect at certain times. It helps reduce stress and anxiety levels. In the modern lifestyle of the 21st century, stress has become as usual as the air we breathe in. Excessive stress and overwork are reasons why fatigue and energy loss have become common suffering in most men. Recent observations prove that 5 out of every 10 males have become prey to CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). The symptoms of this disorder are persistent tiredness or fatigue and a reluctance towards any kind of endeavor. Proper consumption of Shilajit can help it vanish forever.

Shilajit stands quite distinguished as an example of an ideal stamina booster for men in this age of deception and counterfeits. It must, however, be reminded that proper knowledge is always necessary before consuming a substance and enjoying its health benefits. Both inadequacy or excess in the amount of consumption may spoil the purpose of intake and may have adverse effects.