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Good product

Though smaller in size in comparison to Afghani/ Irani Mamra but taste sweet and are high in oil content . Best part is these are grown in India.

for Mamra Almonds

Vacuum packed walnuts for maintaining freshness
Nice quality, good oil content. No rancid smell, crunchy walnuts.

for Kashmiri Walnuts

Taste is really nice I like the sweet with Naga chilly spicy flavour is really nice . I like it very much thank you guys keep it well.

for Apple Naga Chilli Chutney

Rajat Gupta

Best Buransh I have ever had

I absolutely love Buransh squash and was delighted to finally find one without added sugar. I make mine with honey (which I also purchased from this website), and this drink has become a staple for the summer months. The quality of the product is excellent, which isn't surprising, considering this website only sells super good-quality products. These summer coolers have also become my go-to gift for my friends.

for Buransh Squash


Best in Antioxidants, best for skin

It’s less than a month that I have been drinking SBT pulp purchased from MPD and three people have already complimented me how my face has started to glow from before.
I was taking SBT capsules earlier but didn’t see much result. But with SBT pulp there is a difference in my skin texture, marks are fading, it’s glowing.
SBT pulp taste is similar to that of Amla when mixed in water. Best thing about MPD SBT pulp is that it’s sugar free and locally sourced.

for Sea buckthorn Pulp Juice


These walnuts are magic

My father and I have been consuming these walnuts and they are undoubtedly the best we had. They have really good oil content and it helped my father with his knees and back ache. I am not sure how it works, but it definitely did.
Looking forward to try other products now.

for Kashmiri Walnuts

Rahul Punyani

Good taste and quality

They are nice and sweet. Not even on was bitter!
Good job guys

for Kashmiri Giri (Almonds)