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What makes Kashmiri Dried Fruits different form others?


Our Happy Customers!

"My father and I have been consuming these walnuts and they are undoubtedly the best we had. They have really good oil content and it helped my father with his knees and back ache. I am not sure how it works, but it definitely did. Looking forward to try other products now."

Rahul Punyani

These walnuts are magic

"I have been purchasing walnuts from a local vendor in Srinagar for quite some time now. However, the last couple of times, the quality was not as expected and despite multiple warnings, there was no improvement. I had purchased apples from MPD this season and I was intrigued by their dry fruits collection. So, last week, I bought walnuts from them. The package was delivered to me from Srinagar and the packaging was really nice and simple, and nothing fancy. The walnuts were nicely vacuum-packaged. They have a nice crunch, and a sweet taste and the oil content is simply amazing. Looking forward to ordering more of their products and am in love with their name - My Pahadi Dukan."

Rajesh Kumar

Loved the quality!

"They are nice and sweet. Not even on was bitter! Good job guys."


Good taste and quality

"these are definitely good quality figs.. i am not sure about sundried or not but the taste and softness is great.."

Anubhav Raikar

"Usually the figs you get in the market are quite dirty but these came in looking super clean and the taste was pretty good as well.."

Qamar Bano

Very clean and tastes amazing