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Buy Pure Himalayan Shilajit Online | Ladakhi Original Shilajit

100% Pure Shilajit. No Bullshit.

If you are looking to buy original Shilajit online at best himalayan shilajit price then you've reached at the right place, My Pahadi Dukan. Here you will get shudh Shilajit directly from Ladakh to your doorstep. Ladakhi Pure Shilajit is a brown resin-like substance that is formed over time by the decomposition of organic matter and is primarily found in the Himalayan ranges.

Pure Himalayan Shilajit is a tar-like substance, the quality of which can only be ascertained by an experienced extractor well-versed with the terrain. This is the primary reason for such an abundance of himalaya Shilajit in the market falsely claiming to be “Organic Shilajit”. Therefore it is very important while you buy Original Shilajit online to accurately analyze the authenticity of your source. 

Ladakhi Original Shilajit Nutrition 

Himalaya Shilajit is a rich source of Fulvic Acid and numerous minerals which may further help boost brain function, cognition, memory and may slow the aging process.

Fatigue according to Ayurveda is referred to as 'Klama' which is caused by an imbalance of the Kapha dosha. Original Shilajit aids in reducing fatigue due to its Balya (strengthening) and Rasayana (recuperating) aspects and also balances the imbalances in Kapha dosha. Pure Shilajit is very important to understand the quality and sources of your organic shilajit before you Buy Himalaya Shilajit Online. Ladakhi original Shilajit at My Pahadi Dukan has been sourced locally and therefore there is no chance of any compromise.

    How to consume MPD’s Ladakhi Pure Shilajit:

    A pea-sized amount of Ladakhi shudh Shilajit is best consumed with warm milk or water up to two times a day or as suggested by your healthcare professional.

    Why should you buy Ladakhi Shudh Shilajit Online from My Pahadi Dukan?

    Ladakhi Original Shilajit is primarily found in its raw form in Rong Changthang of Ladakh. Over several years, the locals in this region have collected himalaya Shilajit in the treacherous terrains of Ladakh. The locals possess the technical know-how and the best methods of procuring pure raw Shilajit and refining it into an effective supplement.

    This know-how of collecting, refining, and using original raw Shilajit is unique to the Ladakhi community and therefore our claims of organic and shudh Himalaya shilajit have strong grounds. Also provide you affordable pure shilajit price.

    With the help of the local network of My Pahadi Dukan, we are trying to provide access to pure, unadulterated, unprocessed raw Ladakhi original Shilajit to our customers. If you want to buy best Shilajit in india or ladakhi pure shilajit online that has numerous health benefits then you should definitely try our best-selling Ladakhi shudh Shilajit.

    If you want to know more about Ladakhi Original Shilajit then you can check out our blog.

    Pure Ladakhi Shilajit (Shilajeet) | My Pahadi Dukan Pure Ladakhi Shilajit (Shilajeet) | My Pahadi Dukan

    For international orders please contact us on Whatsapp.

    Note: consult your physician before consuming.

    Health Benefits

    Benefits of Ladakhi Pure Shilajit:

    When you buy pure himalaya Shilajit online form My Pahadi Dukan at affordable pure shilajit price, you get several benefits from it. Some of the tremendous benefits of shudh Shilajit are listed below:

    • - Eases constipation
    • - Releases water retention
    • - Can dissolve kidney stones
    • - Anti-hypertensive when given internally
    • - Enhances vigor
    • - Promotes an active daily function
    • - Healing wounds
    • - Relieving pain and inflammation
    • - Clearing obstructions in the body
    • - Germicide when applied externally

    Note: Consult you physician before consuming.

    Customer Reviews

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    Ashutosh sinha

    Pure Ladakhi Shilajit (Shilajeet) | My Pahadi Dukan

    Sanjay Thakur
    A class

    Super natural super pure super classy

    Nilay bhatnagar

    Pure Ladakhi Shilajit (Shilajeet) | My Pahadi Dukan

    Prithviraj Prabhakar Naik
    Trusted source?

    Appreciate the fact that they provide a lab certificate along with the product. I'm in essential oil industry and few wholesalers ask for 5k-10k on top of the product/raw materials cost just to provide authenticity reports.
    Hence this is a nice and trusted way to sell their shilajit to mass market.
    I highly recommend their safron over the shilajit since getting the right kind of safron is also a hit or a miss in the market.
    Thank you team, will order again within a few months.

    Fantastic! Best solubility

    Amazing product by MPD. Greatful to find this gem brand of Shilajit