Sea Buckthorn Pulp – 500ml | Thapasu


Thapasu brings you the pulp of wonder berry from the Himalayas. From your dessert topping to detox drink this goes with everything. This berry from the Himalayas heals you from the inside out. It is packed with vitamin C, 12 times more than an orange, and about 190 bioactive compounds, and is rich in immunity-boosting antioxidants, beta-carotene, and vitamins.  Considered to be a superfood, Sea Buckthorn berry pulp and juice are a great source of nutrition and have the ability to replace an entire day’s nutrition for an individual. 

For centuries Amchiis or local healers (Tibetan medicine practitioners) have been using Seabuckthorn to cure different body ailments.

Seabuckthorn Pulp is a pure form of love from Bhot Tribe of Spiti Valley, especially packed for you!

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