A Case Study of Royal Delicious Apples from Sharontha

From the Mountains to Your Doorstep-The Story of Our Apples

The apples you buy off the shelf have a carcinogenic wax coating that adversely affects your family's health. Does this mean that even fruits are not healthy anymore? And what's the solution to this chemical menace?

What if you could get freshly harvested apples from the orchards of Himachal Pradesh to your doorstep without chemical treatment and wax smearing? The story of My Pahadi Dukan's apples starts here...

Apple orchards are intertwined with mountain life and culture. A 54-km drive towards the east of Shimla, and you will reach Sharontha. A small village in the lap of mountains, Sharontha, is home to the Chaandbagh Orchards. The apples from these orchards are 100% sustainable, healthy, and non-GMO. Chaandbagh is one of our many Pahadi Partners who help us to deliver farm-fresh fruits straight from the trees to your tables!


Why should you buy apples from My Pahadi Dukan?

Freshly harvested juicy apples.

  • No artificial chemicals or waxy smearings!
  • The goodness of anti-oxidants and flavonoids such as Quercetin.
  • Rich in fibres such as Pectin.
  • The joy of helping the farmers double their income!

Did you know?

Whole apples are the most nutrient-rich. Removing the skin scrapes the majority of fibres and flavonoids. Enjoy the non-wax-treated farm-fresh whole apples from MPD with no worries!


How My Pahadi Dukan helps farmers?

Apples contribute about 80 per cent to the fruit economy of Himachal Pradesh. The orchards are mostly tucked away in the upper terrains of the Himalayan region. As a result, the farmers in these remote areas lack access to the primary market. This is when they fall prey to middlemen who corner the grower's profits.

We encourage the Pahadi farmers, businesses, and thus the local economy to prosper by promoting their ethically sourced products. Our farm-to-table model enables farmers to bypass the hectic Mandi System and other profit-sucking intermediaries. Therefore, our farmers enjoy a 3 X profit per kilogram of apples sold!

Happy Farmers. Happy Consumers. Our mission is accomplished!


Understand the process…

The traditional supply chain reports around 30 to 40 per cent spoilage from the farms to your homes. We implement the farm-to-fork model to positively impact the lives of our growers and consumers. Pre-orders are taken before the apples are harvested. This is conveyed to our partner orchards and farms. Once harvested, the fruits are directly delivered to your doorstep. This ensures zero to minimal wastage or spoilage of the farm produce. That is how the Royal Delicious apples from the Chaandbagh Orchards become a part of your apple salad!


This post has been written by Aditi Panda