Gourmet Mushrooms

A mushroom is an edible variety of fungi that is widely consumed for its meaty texture, mild flavor and myriad health benefits. Touted as the latest superfood by culinary experts all over the world, mushrooms and their various varieties are gaining popularity for their exquisite taste, unique health benefits, taste, texture together coupled with their rare and limited availability.  Extic Mushrooms make a great addition to enhance various dishes like pizzas, pastas, chicken and when sauteed along with other vegetables. Apart from the mushrooms we find in our local grocery markets, there are a variety of exotic mushrooms that benefit our health and make a unique culinary experience available to us that elevates both the flavor and taste of any food item. 

Since most mushrooms are foraged in the wild, it is important that one is aware of the source that one purchases their mushroom from to avoid the chance of any possible side effects. Exotoc Mushrooms available at My Pahadi Dukan are hand picked, sun dried and do not have any additives. They are foraged by locals possessing generations of know how and expertise on how to cultivate mushrooms.

Some of the exotic mushrooms available at My Pahadi Dukan are  are discussed below:

  • Gucchi MushroomGucchi Mushrooms, also known as Morel Mushrooms or Morchella Mushrooms are a variety of spongy, edible Mushroom that grows in the wild. This is a variety of mushrooms notorious for how extremely hard to find and collect it is. Gucchi Mushrooms grown in specific weather conditions after the last winter snow just after the ice has started thawing at the onset of spring. Popular globally for its exceptional health benefits, Gucchi Mushroom has been widely appreciated by professional chefs for its texture, flavor and aroma. Gucchi Mushrooms have a distinct appearance with their heads ridged and pitted almost like a honeycomb. The color of these mushrooms changes from pale gray to deep dark brown as they grow.Known as the “Growing Gold of Mountains” Morels possess the highest amount of Vitamin D in an edible vegan source with a 100g of Gucchi Mushrooms containing over 200 IU of Vitamin D.​​ Gucchi Mushrooms are also rich in antioxidants, and have neuroprotective effects. They fight free radical damage in the body and also have potent anti-inflammatory response against all existing infections in the body.
  • Gucchi mushrooms are very expensive, sometimes retailing at a whopping 30,000 rupees per kg due to the difficulty local foragers have to undertake to forage the smallest quantity of Gucci Mushrooms. Moreover Gucchi Mushrooms cannot be grown industrially for it has not yet been possible to create the exact environment conducive for the growth of Gucchi Mushrooms in an artificial setting. Gucchi Mushrooms have enough iron to combat symptoms of anemia and also have the potential to help with symptoms of diabetes, and heart diseases by reversing the oxidative stress and free radical damage that plagues the body.

  • Lion’s Mane MushroomLion’s Mane Mushroom or Hericium Erinaceus is also referred to as the Pom-Pom Mushroom is a variety of edible fungus found in the wild. Its appearance resembles that of the mane of a full grown lion with long, flowing white spines. Lion’s Mane is primarily consumed for its anti cancer and neuroprotective effects on the body. A popular study found out that Lion’s Mane Mushroom can enable the neurons to make new and stronger connections by providing for them an environment suitable for building stronger connections. It also helps fight against diseases that cause impaired cognition and is therefore a popular choice against Alzheimers. Lion’s Mane Mushrooms also relieve stress and therefore reduce symptoms of anxiety and additionally shows positive results upon gastrointestinal health. 
  • Lion’s Mane Mushrooms have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, can help find relief from stomach ulcers, diseases of the digestive tract and positively influence gut health. These exotic mushrooms have a premium status not only because of their appearance, taste and texture but also because they are extremely hard to find, forage and bring to the local markets.

    Oyster Mushroom: Pleurotus Ostreatus are commonly called Oyster mushrooms and are a widely cultivated variety of edible mushrooms. This is a popular variety of mushrooms that is generally available at your local supermarket and are a favorite for many. Oyster Mushrooms are named so due to the resemblance of their shape, appearance and color with oyster shells or rather clusters of oysters. Oyster mushrooms are highly appreciated for their soft texture, mild flavor that adds flavor without overpowering and versatility in various culinary preparations. Loaded with the goodness of B vitamins, iron, zinc and selenium, Oyster Mushrooms are also rich in folate, magnesium, Vitamin C and Folic Acid. Regular consumption of Oyster Mushrooms build strong bones, energize the body, boost the immune system while also showing positive effects on our cardiovascular health. 

    Oyster Mushrooms are rich in antioxidants and possess neuroprotective properties. They also help in fighting oxidative damage and are a low calorie, low fat snack ideal for those hoping to shed a few kilos. Oyster Mushrooms enhance hair and skin health and possess anti-inflammatory properties that ward off infections in the body. With every mushroom variety the risk of contamination is high because mushrooms are foraged in the wild and the cultivators need to possess expertise for differentiating good mushrooms from toxic ones. Therefore it is very important to check the quality of the source of mushrooms. Oyster Mushrooms online at the most competitive price are available at My Pahadi Dukan.

  • Reishi Spores: Reishi Mushroom, referred to as the “Mushroom of Immortality” or “The Herb of Spiritual Potency” is a mushroom with a long history of medicinal usage in traditional Asian medicine especially in China. They have a unique appearance with a distinctive reddish brown glossy surface of the cap, woody cap and a dark brown stem. The cap of the mushroom is generally shaped like a kidney bean. It has a taste bordering on bitter and is used to cure diseases of the heart, lungs, kidney and liver. It is a remedy to balance the overall Qi or the lifeforce of the body and has shown positive results with Asthma and cough. It is widely accepted that Reishi Mushrooms contain over 400 different nutrients, including beta-glucans, which has a potent antioxidant activity and triterpenoids, which is a powerful antibacterial, antiviral, antitumor agent. They also possess bioactive compounds like triterpenes, polysaccharides, peptidoglycans.
  • Reishi Mushrooms promote the action of a particular type  of White Blood Cell known as  “Natural Killer Cells” that fight and eradicate any presence of cancerous cells in the body. They reduce symptoms of fatigue, improve vitality, target damage caused by free radicals and promote better energy levels. Reishi Mushrooms naturally reduce cortisol levels that aids in aiding weight loss that has plateaued for a while and shows visible changes in belly fat because elevated cortisol levels lead to the body holding down to belly fat.

  • Cordyceps Militaris Dried Mushroom: Cordyceps Militaris, commonly known as “Himalayan Viagra”, an edible fungus that cannot be grown in artificial environments, is a thin caterpillar shaped mushroom. Their shape is what gives them their Indian name of “Kida Jadi” (insect herb). It is a natural energy booster and has been consumed by athletes to enhance performance on field. Cordyceps are extremely hard to forage where local villagers bear extremely harsh conditions and low oxygen levels to walk and sometimes crawl long distances in search of the caterpillar mushroom. SInce they cannot be manually grown, Cordyceps Mushrooms are foraged and collected, dried under the sun to increase their shelf life and since this is such a painstaking process, the cost of mushroom rises accordingly. Known to have positive effects on respiratory health, stamina, energy levels of the body and immune system, Cordyceps possess strong antioxidant properties and also help improve kidney function. This not only helps in detoxifying the body for Cordycep Mushrooms have a positive effect on both Kidney and Liver but also help in blood sugar regulation and cardiovascular health.
  • cordyceps mushrooms

    It is extremely important for wild Mushrooms as Cordyceps to be extremely sure of the source of one’s mushroom because it takes a local forager to differentiate authentic from toxic mushroom varieties. Cordyceps Militaris available at My Pahadi Dukan are handpicked and sundried by locals and have no added colors, flavors or chemicals added to them.


    How to Consume:

  • Raw: Exotic Mushrooms can very well be eaten raw to obtain all the health benefits that they boast of, it is important that one washes every mushroom carefully before consuming to avoid the risk of any remaining particles of dust or sand. One may have them along with other supplements first thing in the morning or as a replacement for snacks.
  • Soups and Broths: Add mushrooms to your soups and broths for an added flavor and goodness of health. Not only do they help in thickening the base but boiling also extracts the nutrients and goodness of the mushrooms into the soup. 
  • Tea: Mushrooms can be brewed in boiling water for 2-3 minutes for a refreshing cup of tea replete with benefits and goodness of the nutrients and while also working effectively on cough and flu. When consumed first thing empty stomach, it may help in improving digestion and gut health.
  • Culinary Preparations: These Mushrooms make a great addition to tempers and sautees of any dish one is making especially pasta, risottos, burgers, sandwiches, pizza and stir frys. Not only do they enhance the flavor, texture and aroma of the dish, they also take the nutritional density up a notch.
  • Powdered:  Sun dried mushrooms can be powdered and brewed into teas, kadhas and smoothies if one may get adjusted to the taste. This method is godsend for people who cannot make peace with the slimy texture of mushrooms but would still want to avail the benefits that these little edible funguses possess.
  • Gucchi Pulao: A dish loved by all across the globe is the Gucchi pulao that includes Gucchi mushroom as a part of the temper along with other vegetables. The mushrooms give a wonderful deep flavor to the dish. While adding a chunky and meaty texture.